“Who has traditional landlines anymore! Who needs them? This service fits us perfectly, wherever we are.”

Neil is the CEO and founder of Skin Analytics, a technology startup based in Cambridge. Their clever mobile application helps you watch moles to detect any change, a key sign of possible skin cancer. The product is targeted at tertiary educated women between 25 and 50 who are actively seeking ways to protect their skin health and that of their family.

People want to be able to speak to someone, especially when it comes to their health. As a startup business in this sector, being able to look and behave professionally right from the very beginning is pretty vital for us in terms of building our reputation. Customers generally want to know more about us and get instant reassurance they are talking to experts. Once we’ve gained their trust, we can help them spot changing lesions which need investigation for melanoma.

We’re in the early beta stages of our product so staying flexible with all aspects of our business has naturally been a major priority. The offices that we are currently based in don’t support landlines so we needed to find a way to have a phone number quickly without too many complications. Committing to a long term contract was also something we were keen to avoid for obvious reasons.

We did some research online and discovered that a virtual landline would be the right solution for us. Having read a few reviews about everreach and comparing them with the other providers out there, it seemed like it was worth a try – especially as the one month free trial made it risk free.

We’ve been running everreach for about 6 months now and it’s been a simple way to get a London number for our business with no hassle. Who has traditional landlines anymore! Who needs them? This fits us perfectly wherever we are.

It allows our customers to get in touch with us and makes sure that we get the messages, either on our phone or online. Getting voicemail messages wherever I am is very handy. I’m able to stay on top of my calls throughout the day and ensure our customers get the very best customer service.