“It’s very simple and easy to setup and keeps my business running whilst I’m on the move. A brilliant idea!”

Nick runs West Sussex Cars, a private taxi hire company providing a punctual, friendly and courteous chauffeur driven experience to his customers in the West Sussex area.

The nature of my job means that I take calls from clients on my mobile whilst I’m driving around during the day. As a result I need to make sure I’m very responsive; missing calls directly causes me to lose new business opportunities so it’s important I’m in full control of my incoming calls all day long.

I mainly advertise online and have found that my Google Local Business listing has really helped me get new leads. With a business that is reliant on serving the local community I knew that I needed to use a local phone number rather than my mobile number so potential clients would immediately know that my business covered the surrounding geographic area.

Originally I considered fixed landline services from typical providers such as BT, but I was put off by the long term contract that you get tied down to. I was keen to keep my options flexible, especially as my office is my car for the majority of the day.

I decided that a virtual phone service was the ideal solution and after comparing a few providers online, decided everreach was right for me – it seemed less complicated and I liked that they focused on helping small businesses. The flexible monthly contract and call plan perfectly suited my business needs, plus I was able to get the local business number I wanted.

I mainly use the service to forward calls straight to my mobile phone and use the caller ID feature to see who has called me. This is invaluable as I need to be able to ring the customer when I arrive to pick them up.

I genuinely appreciate the way the modern world of telephone technology makes it so much easier to get a phone line up and running and with everreach there is no fuss. It’s very simple and easy to setup and keeps my business running whilst I’m on the move. A brilliant idea!