You’ve set up your small business, your website, your products and services, your office – virtual or otherwise, now it’s time to choose your virtual phone number and get it out there so that people can get in touch!

Here are a few useful tips to help you get the right number for your business and then promote it as far and wide as possible.

Give yourself a headstart by choosing a memorable number

With the huge growth in smartphone usage, remembering a phone number has become less important as people tend to rely on the contacts list in their phone.

That said, a memorable phone number can often work in your favour when promoting a new business. Choosing a memorable series of numbers can help you stand out from the crowd – whether they form a “phoneword” (such as, 0800 444 HAIR – which would be 0800 444 4247), or just have a number sequence that’s easy to remember (like ending in 4321).

Take a look at our phone number search and see if there’s a number that takes your fancy.

Decide whether a local or national presence matters for your business number

A major benefit of having a virtual number is that you are able to choose a phone number in any area code of your choice or a national number, regardless of where your business is based. From a marketing perspective this has a number of advantages:

  • If you are a local business a local number highlights you serve your local community
  • If you are based in a small town but want to be perceived as a bigger business or want customers to know you serve a wider geographic area you can use an area code of your nearest major City
  • A national number gives a ‘big company’ presence and ensures customers know you have a UK-wide business

The first point of contact – the business card

Most people these days are able to quickly and easily get your number down on their mobile phone. However, does, “take my number down, it’s just 0… 7… 9… 5… no, 5…” give any potential customers, partners or leads an idea of professionalism? Of course it doesn’t. Whatever your budget, you’ll need to get your contact details – including your shiny new number – on some business cards to hand out. They’re quick, convenient, an extension of your brand, and if they look premium and professional enough, they give everyone the best possible impression of your business.

Get yourself some card designs drawn up to match your brand. You can use generic design templates if you prefer, but a employing the services of a good freelance designer shouldn’t cost too much. Depending on your budget, you can get your cards printed cheaply by a company like Moo or VistaPrint – sometimes they even have promotions for free printing. Of course, investing in more professional cards – such as plastic cards, complete with overlays or holograms – is a good idea, but this can always be addressed later. Getting the cards out there, with your phone number on them, is the priority!

Give your company vehicle a new look

When you are out and about, driving from job to job, supplier to client all day long, you have a perfect mechanic for free outdoor advertising – your company vehicle! A little bit of extra expense getting some smart branded signage with your telephone number ensures your local community will be able to make a note of your contact details as you go about your business.

This is an effective tactic and is commonly used by estate agents and tradespeople who are always on the move and will help you pick up more new business leads.

Grab attention with branded clothing

If your small business employs staff that carry out services on-site and in person with your customers, you could make a worse decision than provide them with a uniform. This doesn’t need to be a flashy, expensive affair either – a smart polo shirt or t-shirt in your company’s brand colours with a logo and your phone number will be effective.

Customers in the market for a service you provide, such as plumbing or building works, are more likely to dial you up if they see your staff doing a high quality job for someone else.

Online Directories and Business Deals Websites

Gone are the days where the starting point to find a small business service would be under the telephone table via The Yellow Pages. The internet has fundamentally changed how most people start their searches and as a result an obvious place to advertise your number is via

There are a number of online business directories that help you advertise your small business and your new number at a very affordable rate. Websites such as Gumtree, Google My Business and Rated People (if you are a tradesman) are great places to list your business services.

Google Adwords Extensions – Click-to-Call

Recent research from Google showed that 4 in 5 consumers conduct local searches on search engines, with 88% of these coming via a smartphone. This means that if you run a local small business you’d be significantly missing a trick if you weren’t running any Google paid search advertising using their Adwords product.

One of the clever things you can do with Google Adwords is add ‘Click-to-Call’ ad extensions – this means that a potential customer who finds your ad can call you directly whilst they are browsing without even having to visit your website.

Sponsor a local event, conference or meet up 

One of the marketing exercises that a lot of small businesses often overlook is simply sponsoring. You don’t need to be a massive corporation to sponsor an event! Sponsoring a local fundraiser, a small-time industry conference, or even a live music performance allows your small business to once again get your name out there – to emblazon your company name and phone number on the event, get some good kudos and attract some business to would-be customers that attend.