According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics this week, self-employment is at its highest level since records began almost 40 years ago.

There are currently 4.6 million people self-employed, with the proportion of the total workforce that are making a living for themselves sitting at 15%, compared to 13% in 2008 and less than 10% in 1975.

We decided to delve a little deeper into the stats to find the cities with the highest (and lowest) proportion of self-employed workers.

Our analysis of the UK’s biggest 50 cities revealed that Winchester is the self-employed capital of the country, with almost 20 per cent of its 57,200 workers now self-employed. St Albans has the second highest proportion of self-employed workers, followed by Brighton in third.

The ONS findings also revealed the most popular self-employed sectors are construction, taxi drivers and carpenters – people that are all regularly on the move or working from multiple locations and the kind of business our service has been set up to support.

You can read about some of the self-employed workers we’re helping to answer more calls, get more business opportunities and serve their customers better here

As featured in the Daily Mail Online