Product Tips

There are a number of different uses for audio messages, from welcome greetings and voicemail prompts to providing callers with options to pick if you send them to a call menu. As a result, there’s a good chance you may end up with a number of different saved audio files in your account. When an audio […]Read More

When you’re working all hours of the day to keep your business running, it’s difficult to find the time to really analyse how well your business is operating. One aspect of being able to understand your business operations is having a clear picture of who is calling you and when. When you know this, you’ll […]Read More

One of the biggest challenges of running your own business is simply finding the time to do everything. Using the Working Hours feature, you can create time-based call rules based on your plans for the working week . Whether you’re travelling from job to job, are in the middle of meetings with customers and suppliers or simply […]Read More

Using a call menu is a great way to guide your callers to the right person in your team based on their enquiry. To set up a call menu, you’ll need some audio files so your callers can hear what menu options to choose. Firstly, create a short and snappy welcome greeting for your menu […]Read More

The Contacts section is where you can manage all the numbers you want to use for call forwarding. You can forward calls from your virtual business number to an unlimited number of UK mobile numbers or landline numbers. When you login for the first time, the number you provided during sign up will be the default […]Read More

The Audio section is where you can create and manage all your audio greetings. You can create audio greeting for any of the following (or all of them!): Welcome greetings – when a caller rings your virtual business number you can play a welcome greeting to provide an instant professional feeling and help build trust […]Read More

Playing a welcome greeting to callers to your virtual business number can help your business instantly appear more professional. Before you can assign a welcome greeting to your call rule, the first thing you need to do is record an audio greeting in the audio section. Once you have a welcome greeting, you’ll be all set […]Read More