Get a local or national UK business number

With a virtual number there’s nothing to install. You’ll be up and running in an instant, hassle-free.

Local numbers

Pick a local business number from a choice of thousands in any UK area code. Perfect if your business serves your local community.

Choose a local number

Virtual phone service

"Virtual" means that everything lives completely in the cloud.

There are no wires, cables or hardware to install and you can take your business number wherever you go.

National numbers (0845 or 0330)

If your business covers a wide geography, get a national presence by choosing a national number.

Choose a national number

No hidden call charges

Your callers pay the same rate as if they called a standard UK local or national number. You won’t pay an extra penny for calls being forwarded to mobiles.

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Manage and forward calls simply and easily

Every call gets answered. You control what happens next.

Call forwarding

Forward calls to any UK mobile or landline number on any network.

Business voicemail

If you can’t get to the phone, you can direct callers to voicemail. Your messages are emailed to you and are also safely stored in your account online.

Simple to manage

You decide what your customers hear and what happens to your incoming calls. With super-fast controls, any changes you make are instantly applied.

Use welcome greetings and audio messages

Sound professional and always give the right impression

Text to speech

Just type in what you want your callers to hear when they call your business and our friendly voice engine will do the rest!

A message for every occasion

Greet customers with a friendly welcome, present some menu options, record voicemail prompts, provide service information and much more.

Record your own

For a more personal touch, you can record all of your own audio greetings over the phone.

Guide your customers with call menus

Direct the calls to the right team members, or to the information they need.

Create a big company impression

Impress your customers whilst reassuring them they are being connected to the right person.

Relay important information

Give a consistent message to lots of callers by navigating them to the information that they need.

Qualify the call

Knowing your customer’s intention up front and directing them to the right contact saves you and them time.

Every call record and voicemail message safely stored

See how you are performing and how your customers respond.

All your incoming calls

Every call you receive is logged so you’ll have a complete record of your business’ daily call patterns and know when you’re at your busiest.

Call insights

We give you detailed call information so you know what happened to each call and whether you are managing your calls effectively.

Retrieve voicemail messages

Any voicemail message you receive will be stored safely and can be listened to any time.